Client Services

Over the past thirty-five years it has been apparent that investment strategies that work in one environment often will not be effective in another….especially as the investment objectives of our clients change.

To meet these challenges, our clients and advisors have access to a wide range of products and services.

Your financial security is important to you — and to us. That’s why we give you instant online access to your portfolio. See how your investments are growing by asset and sector. Explore tools to help you build a stronger financial foundation. And find the research and resources you need to work even better with your financial advisor.


* Common & Preferred Stocks
* Corporate & Municipal Bonds
* ETF’s
* Mutual Funds (Equity & Income)
* US Treasury & Agency Securities
* REITs & UITs
* Annuities
* CDs
* Private Placements 

All trades are cleared on a fully-disclosed basis and all client assets are held by Hilltop Securities, Inc.


* Private Investment Management
* Asset Allocation
* Free Checking & Debit Cards
* Research
* Retirement Plans
* Email Confirmations and Statements
* Direct Deposit
* Customer Wires & ACH Services

Protecting our clients’ assets & privacy is our highest priority.

In a combined effort with our clearing agent, we’ve taken solid measures to ensure to the protection of our clients’ assets and privacy. (Click Here) for a detailed description of client account protection and other important disclosures.

Investing involves risk and potential loss of principal and there is no assurance that any investment will achieve its stated objective.
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