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Private Asset Management

We structure and manage individualized investment portfolios for our clients through our custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional. Each account is designed specifically to suit the risk tolerance and objectives of each client. Below is a list of forms commonly used by our investment management clients.   


Retirement Investing & Fixed Indexed Annuities…The TRUTH

“FIAs have many attractive features as both an accumulation investment and as a potential source of income in retirement. In simulation, the FIA performed better net of assumed fees than long term government bonds. We showed the FIA had comparable volatility to bonds but with better downside protection. In our study, when bonds underperformed, the FIA performed quite well. It is our view, considering today’s low interest rate environment and our modest expectations for bond returns in the coming future, FIAs are an alternative to consider.”

Roger G. Ibbotson, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Finance,
Yale School of Management


“Annuity” …
he dirty word in financial circles? Not anymore. Things have changed.

Listen to our recent radio advertising campaign on KVI and KOMO radio.

“a DIRTY WORD on the radio”

“the TRUTH…something we ALL need”

Suze Orman on Protecting Your Retirement 2019

  Click on the video links below to understand annuity basics and myths. 

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