Venture Capital

Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience

Since our inception, Abraham & Co. clients have participated in private placements and early-stage investment in private & public companies. We believe our experience in a wide array of business, during a variety of economic conditions, has made us better investors and advisors to our clients.

Our experience in venture capital and early-stage projects includes the following:

* Oil & Gas Drilling (On-Shore and Gulf of Mexico)
* Precious Metals Exploration and Production (Colorado)
* Diamond Exploration (Indonesia)
* Motion Picture Distribution (Warner Brothers)
* Cellular & Wireless Communications (Private & Public)
* Bio Tech & Bio Pharma (Early Stage Public Companies)
* Various Technology Limited Partnerships

As opportunities present themselves we may, from time to time, make available these types of non-traditional investments to our clients who meet specific financial and risk tolerance suitability requirements. Historically, our recommendations have included investments in private, illiquid securities (mostly limited partnerships) privately-held companies, and penny stocks of publicly-traded companies. Some of these entities are, or were, under common control of management. Such recommendations are always fully disclosed to our clients ahead of time but, at times, present an inherent conflict of interest.